What Does a Seahorse Look Like?

A seahorse has a small, bony body, which is closely related to that of the pipefish. The most noticeable feature of a seahorse is its head, which strikes a resemblance to the long face of a horse, as described by HowStuffWorks.

A seahorse ranges in size from less than an inch to 14 inches. Although It doesn't have scales, it does have thin skin stretched over a series of bony plates that are arranged in rings through its body, HowStuffWorks further describes. Every species of seahorse has a specific number of rings. A seahorse's body ends with a curved tail.

A seahorse has a flexible, well-defined neck and has a coronet on its head. It's believed that no two seahorse coronets are exactly alike, according to HowStuffWorks. A seahorse has small fins located on both sides of its head and its back. Seahorses also have fluttering dorsal fins and pectoral fins. Despite its fins, however, a seahorse doesn't swim very well. The slowest-moving fish in the world is a dwarf seahorse, according to the 2009 "Guinness World Book of Records," as reported by Wikipedia.

The seahorse uses its long, toothless snout to suck up food, says Wikipedia. The seahorse's eyes can move independently of each other to spot prey.