What Are Some Seahorse Facts for Kids?


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Seahorses have gills and swim bladders, but don't have vertical fins or typical fish tails. A seahorse's tail is long and resembles a snake. The Latin term for a seahorse is "hippocampus," which translates to "horse caterpillar." Seahorses have exceptional vision, and their eyes work independently from one another, allowing them to see straight ahead and look back at the same time.

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What Are Some Seahorse Facts for Kids?
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Adult seahorses feed on small ocean creatures such as shrimp, consuming up to 50 pieces each day. Baby seahorses are referred to as "fry" and eat as much as 3,000 pieces of food each day. Male and female seahorses pair for life. They perform daily courtship displays in which the female seahorse travels to the male's territory. Upon entering, both seahorses change color, and the male circles around his partner.

Male seahorses experience reversed pregnancies. The female passes her eggs to the male, and he fertilizes the eggs in a pouch located on the front side of his tail. The eggs are nourished inside the pouch for approximately two to four weeks, after which the male gives birth to the fry. Seahorses often change color in order to camouflage themselves with their immediate surroundings. Seahorses live in shallow waters and eel-grass beds during the spring and summer. When winter arrives, seahorses travel to deeper waters to protect themselves from the elements.

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