What Are Some of the Sea Snail's Predators?

Cone shell snails eat other sea snails, says the University of Utah's Cone Snail site. Crabs and squid also eat a variety of sea snails. Humans eat a range of sea snails as well, such as abalone, whelk and limpets.

Sea snails use their shells to avoid being eaten. Predators like crabs crush the shells, and squid use their tentacles to pull the snails out of the shells. Other sea snails use drill-like weapons and poison to extract snails from their shells for consumption.

Most cone shell snails live in the Indio-Pacific oceans. The Mediterranean cone shell snail is the only cone shell that lives off the European coastline. One species, the California cone shell snail, lives in the Pacific off the North American coast..

Cone shell snails produce venom to assist them in catching prey, and they even use it for defense against predators. Some cone snail venom is strong enough to kill an adult human, and about 30 humans have died from cone snail venom over the years. Animals without a thick exoskeleton have difficulty preying on cone shell snails, as these venomous creatures fire their harpoons loaded with venom into their prey or attackers and kill them.