What Sea Creature Can Impersonate Other Species and Predators?


The mimic octopus is capable of impersonating many different types of species and predators. Many sea and land animals can mimic other species, but the mimic octopus is the only aquatic animal to have the ability to mimic such a wide variety of animals.

The mimic octopus is able to change it’s skin color and texture as well as its body shape to blend in with it’s environment or look like other animals. The creature is a smaller octopus, growing up to 2 feet and is naturally a light beige color, though they often appear to be striped white and brown to scare off predators by imitating poisonous snakes. The octopus uses its disguises to both hunt and defend itself from predators. While it is unknown how many animals the mimic octopus can imitate, most of the animals it chooses to imitate are poisonous. Some of the animals they are known to imitate include the lionfish, sea snake, flatfish and the jellyfish.