What Do Scorpions Eat?

Scorpions feed primarily on small arthropods, insects and other scorpions, although some large species have been known to prey on mice and small lizards. Like spiders, scorpions are carnivorous arachnids. They feed opportunistically, meaning their diet changes according to what is available in a given place.

Scorpions are capable of eating relatively massive amounts of food in one eating session. This is due mainly to their low-activity lifestyle that requires very little energy, a very low metabolic rate, and a food storage organ that is highly effective. Those same characteristics also allow scorpions to go a long time without requiring food. In fact, some species can even live up to a full year without eating anything. Because they rarely eat, their excretion is minimal, and is made up of insoluble nitrogenous compounds.

Scorpions catch their prey using their pincers to either inject a venom or crush their victim. Their pincers have very sensitive hairs, which cause the scorpion to attack immediately when the hairs are stimulated. Scorpions digest their food externally, and can only eat it in liquid form. The scorpion excretes digestive juices onto its prey to turn it into a liquid, and then it sucks the food in, leaving behind any solid matter like fur, a shell or an exoskeleton.