What Is the Scientific Name for a Snake?

Mark Newman/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

The scientific name given to a particular snake is a combination of its genus name followed by its species name, such as the scientific name of the Asp viper, which is Vipera aspis, or the Sonoran Desert sidewinder, which is Crotalus cerastes cercobombus. A king cobra bears the scientific name Ophiophagus hannah, while the desert adder is the Vipera lebetina.

All snakes belong to the same kingdom (Animalia), phylum (Chordata), class (Reptilia) and order (Squamata). From there, however, their classifications vary depending on the snake. Although snakes can share a genus, they can still be of the same species.

The Eastern garter snake, for example, has the genus and species Thamnophis c. ocellatus. The Shorthead garter snake is Thamnophis brachystoma.