What Is the Scientific Name for a Great White Shark?


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The scientific name for the great white shark is Carcharodon carcharias. The great white has been given other names over the years, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History, including Carcharias lamnia, Carcharias verus, Carcharodon smithii, Carcharodon rondeletii, Carcharias atwoodi, Carcharias maso and Carcharodon albimors

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The great white is also known as the white shark, the white pointer and white death. This shark species is closely related to the mako shark. The great white and its cousins possibly originated during the Paleocene or early Eocene eras, states the Florida Museum of Natural History. By the late Cretaceous and Paleocene eras, this family of sharks enjoyed widespread distribution.

As an apex predator, the great white shark enjoys its pick of prey. Only bigger sharks and the killer whales can hunt down the great white.

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