What Is the Scientific Classification Name for Frog?

The scientific classification name for frog depends on the species of frog, but an example would be the Northern Leopard Frog "Eukarya Animalia Chordata Verebrata Amphibia Anura Neobatrachia Ranidae Rana Rana pipiens." All frogs are members of the domain "Eukarya," the kingdom "Animalia," the phylum "Chordata," the subphylum "Verebrata," and the class "Amphibia."

The order, suborder, family, genus and species names will vary between the different frog species. The study of classifying living organisms is known as "taxonomy." Taxonomy works by grouping living organisms based on common connections between the organisms. For example, the first group in any classification is the kingdom group. For frogs, the kingdom "Animalia" is chosen because frogs are part of the animal kingdom. The other kingdoms include the fungi kingdom, the plant kingdom, the moneran kingdom and the protist kingdom.