What Are Some Facts About Schnoodle Puppies?


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Schnoodles are popular hybrid designer dogs. They weigh from 20 to 75 pounds and have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. They are a cross between miniature schnauzers and poodles.

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Schnoodles are cheerful, loving and protective, making them fantastic family dogs. They are playful and energetic and enjoy the company of children. Training them is enjoyable, as they train very easily and love to please and obey their owners.

Schnoodles have a keen intelligence, making them excellent therapy or performance dogs. Schnoodles also make great watch dogs, as they are fearless and willing to do what it takes to protect their families from any aggressor.

Schnoodles come in many colors including black, tan, brown, gray, silver and white. A schnoodle's coat can be straight, curly, wavy or wiry, and needs to be brushed every couple of days to prevent matting; however, schnoodles donot shed very much. Carefully wash a schnoodle's face every day to prevent brown tear stains under its eyes. Schnoodles tend to have a large amount of hair in their ears, which you need to remove to prevent recurring ear infections. Your also need to have a vet or groomer express the dog’s anal glands at least twice a year.

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