What Scents Do Dogs Dislike?

scents-dogs-dislike Credit: Fotosearch/Getty Images

Dogs generally do not like the smell of citrus. The acid that is present in the fruit is not appealing to dogs.

Dogs, like humans and other animals, are not all the same. The majority of dogs do not like citrus, but some still enjoy the smell and taste of it. Before covering any furniture, toys or forbidden dog items with citrus, it is important that dog owners be sure that their specific dog does not like the smell. A good way for a dog owner to tell if their dog is interested in citrus is to put a small amount of lemon, lime or orange juice on their fingers. If the dog backs away from the smell, they do not like it; if the dog licks the owner's fingers, they probably like the citrus and it will not be a method of repellent for that particular dog. Dog owners should consider trying several different citrus juice varieties to ensure that their dog does not like one and likes the other. For example, a dog that continues licking orange juice off of an owner's fingers may be repelled by the more pungent smell that is present in the juice of a lime.