What Are Some Scary Insects?

What Are Some Scary Insects?

Harmful insects, such as the mosquito and hornet, are among the scariest in the animal kingdom, according to Mr. Nussbaum. While some insects appear frightening, they may be harmless to humans.

Bees and wasps are among the insects that people may find scary. For instance, the Japanese giant hornet can grow up to 1.5 inches in length. It has a venomous sting that can lead to life-threatening reactions. The giant hornet is the most deadly of all animals of Japan.

Africanized honey bees are also feared. The Africanized bee attacks in swarms when its nest is threatened. The Africanized bee may attack people as far away as 1,000 feet from the nest.

The mosquito may not seem threatening, but the small insect is responsible for thousands of deaths and illnesses each year. For instance, the mosquito can transit malaria, West Nile virus and some types of encephalitis, among many other diseases. Ticks are also carriers of disease, such as the heartland virus and Lyme disease, that can cause life-threatening symptoms in humans. Ticks are typically found outdoors, but can also be found inside when carried by pets or pests, such as mice.

Giant insects, although mostly harmless, may also be scary. For instance, the giant walking stick can grow up to 6 inches in length, while the giant weta can become as large as a mature mouse.