How Do You Get Savannah Kittens for Free?

You can get Savannah kittens for free by visiting websites such as and Another way to get Savannah kittens for free is to speak with breeders and clinics and ask them about some of your options.

Savannah cats are a breed developed by crossing African servals with domesticated cats. They are tall and slender with large ears, and though they are renowned for their unique and wild appearance, they are capable of domestication and respond well to the boundaries that cat owners set for them.

To mark areas where your kitten is not allowed to go, pick it up by the scruff of its neck. It naturally goes limp in that position, and you can communicate to it in its own instinctual language, since Savannah mothers do this as well.

Savannah kittens grow up to be very inquisitive personalities, and when they consistently do things they are not supposed to, owners can put them in short time-outs in pet carriers to teach them not to do certain things. Because of their high intelligence, they eventually learn that owners are using disciplinary methods and they stop performing the disruptive behaviors. Use positive reinforcement to reward your pet when it does something that is good, such as coming when called.