What Is a Samoyed Mix?


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For a dog to be considered a Samoyed mix, one of its parents must be a full-bred Samoyed. The other can be any other breed. For example, one popular Samoyed mix breed is the "Sammy-poo," which is a mix between a full-blooded Samoyed and a full-blooded poodle. Another popular Samoyed mix breed is the "Golden Sammy," which is a cross between a full-blooded Samoyed and a full-blooded golden retriever.

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The exact characteristics of a Samoyed mix depend upon the breed of dog with which the Samoyed is mixed. Samoyeds are a medium to large breed, with foxy faces, pricked ears and a thick coat of white fur. Samoyeds are very dependable and gentle dogs. However, they are quite energetic and require vigorous, regular, outdoor exercise and near constant companionship or else they can become destructive. A fenced-in yard is recommended for Samoyed owners because strong herding instincts encourage the dogs to chase after wildlife and stray animals. Early obedience training is necessary with this particular breed of dog. Samoyeds shed easily and bark excessively but reward their owners with a sense of humor and a good natured personality. They are considered to be one of the most sensitive of the northern sled dog breeds but are tolerant of cold weather.

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