What Are Some Safe Ways to Get Rid of Gophers?


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There are a few safe ways to get rid of gophers without using traps or poisons that can injure pets or children. Certain scents, such as a gopher repellent, fish, moth balls and dog or cat feces, repel gophers. Noise and water can also deter gophers.

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What Are Some Safe Ways to Get Rid of Gophers?
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Using scent is a good way to get rid of a gopher problem in the yard. Gophers, like most animals, have a strong sense of smell and find many odors offensive. Fresh fish, moth balls and feces of a pet such as a cat or dog are some good scented repellents. Those items can be put down the gopher hole and covered to keep pets and children away from them.

Gopher repellent can be purchased in many stores, and it is typically made with castor oil. Castor oil is safe and is a good way to cover large areas of ground with a scent that will drive the gophers away.

Gophers are sensitive to loud noises and will move on if something is making too much noise in their immediate area. Many people drown the gopher by inserting a garden hose into the hole and turning the hose on full blast. The yard may become a muddy mess, but chances are the gopher will not live through a flood. Traps are a humane, safe way to capture a gopher and relocate it to a better environment.

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