What Are Some Safe Household Cures for Cat Diarrhea?


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Some safe household cures for cat diarrhea include reducing stress for the cat, withholding food for 12 to 24 hours, adding more fiber to the cat's diet, and restricting the cat to a bland diet. Avoid giving the cat medication; diarrhea removes toxins from the digestive tract, says VetInfo.

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Conditions that create stress for cats include new pets or other household changes. Try to devote some additional time to the cat under such circumstances. Withholding food for a meal or two gives the cat's system a break, but continue to give it water. Adding fiber to the cat's diet makes stools firmer by removing water from the colon. Metamucil is a safe option, states VetInfo.

Begin giving the cat bland foods slowly, in small portions once each four to six hours. Acceptable bland foods include plain mashed potatoes, white rice, and boiled chicken or ground beef, says VetInfo.

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