Is It Safe to Give Cats Benadryl?


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It is safe to give cats Benadryl as long it is administered in a safe dose, according to Pet MD. However, Benadryl works best as a preventive medicine for cats with asthma or other environmental health problems. Benadryl is commonly given to cats for problems such as allergies, increased serotonin production and appetite loss.

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As an antihistamine, it will not treat the root cause of the problem but it will help with the symptoms that the cat has. The precise dosage should be given by the cat's veterinarian, as dosages will vary depending on the cat's problem severity, the cat's age and the cat's weight. It will also depend upon which medications the cat is also taking in conjunction with the Benadryl.

Cats can get side effects from the drug and if the cat experiences side effects, the veterinarian's office should be contacted. Side effects could include dry mouth, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, lack of an appetite, fewer urination moments and hyper-excitability. The drug is typically given in capsule or tablet form, but some veterinarians will administer the drug through oral liquids or injectables.

Giving dogs Benadryl is also cost effective and convenient for owners because the medication can be purchased over-the-counter and does not require a prescription. It can even be purchased at an online pharmacy.

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