How Safe Are Bordetella Vaccinations for Dogs?


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The Bordetella vaccination is recommended only for dogs who frequently visit a boarding or grooming facility, explains Dogster. Dog owners must discuss the use of this vaccine with a vet, in order to weigh risks and benefits based on the dog's lifestyle, advises Cesar's Way.

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Two controversies surrounding the Bordetella vaccine relate to how often it must be administered and if it must be administered at all. The most common recommendation is every six months; however, no current studies support the effectiveness of this vaccine for dogs.

This vaccine is administered to dogs via injection under the skin or nose drops, explains Vetstreet. It is recommended for puppies to be vaccinated via the nose drops, as early as 3 weeks old, with a second dose given between two to four weeks later. This early vaccination for puppies is recommended because the disease can cause severe illness or even death in puppies, opposed to a little more than a mild illness in adult dogs.

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