Where Does Sable Fur Come From?


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Sable fur comes from the sable, a kind of marten that lives in northern Eurasia. Martens are medium-sized, forest-dwelling members of the weasel family. Their bodies are low-slung and long, and they are adapted for life on the taiga. Their thick, valuable fur allows them to survive the cold climate.

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Sables primarily live in Siberia, though they once ranged as far west as Scandinavia. They are carnivorous animals and are adept at climbing trees, though unlike other martens they mostly live on the forest floor.

Sable fur is the most expensive kind of marten fur and is renowned for its silky texture and rich color. The fur is particularly noted for retaining a smooth texture no matter what direction it is stroked. The skins were traditionally worn by priests in the Russian Orthodox Church and have long been a symbol of luxury in Western Europe.

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