What's the Best Way to Nurse and Care for Sick Animals?


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The best way to nurse a sick pet is to take it to the veterinarian and follow all instructions in detail, reports the American Humane Association. Specific treatments vary depending on the animal's illness or injury.

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What's the Best Way to Nurse and Care for Sick Animals?
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Most sick or injured animals do well in a quiet, comfortable place, according to the AHA. It is usually a good idea to designate a separate room for the sick animal, particularly if there are other animals in the household. Children should also be kept out of the room. Most animals do best with minimal affection during this time, although owners should let the pet dictate how much attention it wants. A warm environment may be best, especially for birds and small animals.

In general, sick animals should be given plenty of fresh water at all times, according to VCA Animal Hospitals. Nutritious food should also be provided, although some conditions may require a special diet. Owners should consult their veterinarians to work out feeding schedules, and food and water intake may need to be limited in some circumstances.

If the condition limits the animal's mobility, the pet may need special assistance, reports Blue Cross for Pets. Dogs that cannot walk may need to be carried outside to relieve themselves. Owners may also need to frequently reposition paralyzed animals to avoid bed sores or other problems. Animals with wounds or surgical incisions may also need a special bell-shaped collar to prevent them from licking or chewing.

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