What's a Good Way to Get Pictures of Cattle?


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A photographer can get good pictures of cattle by using a digital camera with a built-in flash, allowing the animals to get used to him, not taking pictures in the middle of the day, having an assistant photographer and taking the time to position the cows. Another tip for photographers is to take as many photos as possible, allowing them to weed out the bad photos and keep the good photos.

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Photographers should use at least a medium-priced digital camera to take photos of cows. It should have a zoom lens to allow close-up photos without disturbing the animals and a built-in flash to compensate for shadows while taking pictures. Many digital cameras come with some form of photo editing software which allows photographers to further adjust aspects such as brightness and contrast when necessary.

The photographer should also spend enough time around the cows for the animals to know him and be comfortable with him, allowing him to take pictures of them without him spooking them. These pictures should be taken either early in the morning or later in the day because the abundant brightness at midday can actually make it more difficult to shoot a good picture.

Having an assistant can help the photographer because it allows someone else to get the cows' attention when they are being photographed, which means the pictures have cows with their heads up and their ears forward. If possible, the photographer should take pictures of the cow going uphill because cows look better when their front legs appear higher than the back legs do.

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