What's a Good Way to Find Healthy Pitbulls for Sale?

What's a Good Way to Find Healthy Pitbulls for Sale?

Online listings for healthy Pit Bull Terriers are available at Petfinder, Adopt-a-Pet.com and PuppyFind. Each website provides a search form tool to help find local dogs.

Petfinder features local listings of male and female pets of all ages. Follow the steps below to find a Pit Bull Terrier and contact a shelter.

  1. Visit Petfinder
  2. Go to Petfinder's website from a browser.

  3. Provide search criteria
  4. Enter a ZIP code in the "Location" field, and select "Dog" from the "Type" drop-down menu. Type "Pit Bull Terrier" in the "Breed" field, and select an age and gender from each drop-down menu, if there is any preference. Click the "Find Pets" button to perform the search.

  5. Filter search results
  6. To change the distance radius, select "100 miles" or "500 miles" from the "Distance" drop-down menu. To search for dogs that are house trained, declawed or have special needs, check each relevant box. To specify the dog's size, check each of the desired boxes. To narrow results for households with other dogs, cats or young children, check each of the respective boxes. To filter results by name, enter the dog's name in the "Pet Name" field. The search results will automatically update with the selection of the different filters.

  7. View search results
  8. Petfinder displays all matching results with 15 listings on each page. Each listing preview shows the dog's name, breed, age, gender, size, shelter location and photograph. Click on a specific listing to view the dog's full profile.

  9. View a dog's profile
  10. The dog's profile features additional photographs and video, if available, as well as details about its health condition, personality and adoption fee. The page also provides the shelter's contact information.

  11. Contact the shelter
  12. To contact the shelter online, click the "Adopt Me" or "Contact this Organization" button. Complete the form by providing a name, email address and message subject, and then enter the message to send to the shelter. Enter the CAPTCHA code, and click the "Submit" button to send the message to the shelter.