What Are the Rules on Breeding Cockapoos?


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Cockapoos are not considered a breed of dog, so there are no official rules on breeding for this species, but unofficial breed clubs may have certain breeding requirements, states the Dog Breed Health. For example, the American Cockapoo Club contains a Code of Ethics with a list of requirements for breeders, according to the ACC. Once requirement is selectively breeding only those dogs that meet the breed standards for the breeding dogs.

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The ACC also requires that breeders choose dogs that are both healthy and contain no hereditary defects or congenital issues, reports the ACC. A breeder should provide adequate facilities for the puppies, guaranteeing a clean kennel space and enough room to house all of the puppies and breeding dogs. The breeder must have adequate time to devote to the care and attention of the puppies.

It is the responsibility of the breeder to make sure the puppies are in good health and to provide for all of the puppies' needs, according to the ACC. The breeder must keep accurate records of the date of birth of the puppies and the number of puppies each litter produced. The breeder must never sell any of the puppies to a pet shop, or offer a puppy up for auction or to a raffle.

Dog Breed Health suggests an individual should only buy a puppy from a breeder that follows the Dog Advisory Council's Standards for Breeders or the Kennel Club’s Assured Breeders Scheme Standards. Therefore, a breeder may find it helpful to follow the rules on breeding set by either of these institutions.

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