What Are Some Facts About Royal Pythons?

Facts about royal pythons are that they are very docile and safe to handle, require infrequent feedings and mostly eat a diet of rodents. Other facts include that they can live between 20 to 30 years in captivity and can grow up to six feet.

Royal pythons have a very docile temperament and are also referred to as ball pythons, because they curl into a ball when threatened and infrequently bite. Ball pythons are carnivores and kill their prey by constricting it. Royal python food requirements vary by age. Younger pythons may eat twice a week and adult snakes once every one to two weeks, but both shedding snakes and female snakes incubating eggs generally do not eat at all.

Typically, royal pythons live around 10 years in the wild, between 20 to 30 years in captivity and some live to be older than 40 years old. On average, they grow to be four to six feet in length, with the females being slightly larger than their male counterparts. Usually pythons have a camouflage-patterned brown and tan skin because they are secretive and like to hide. Pythons in captivity need to have a hide box, and spend most of the day inside of it. Animal Planet recommends a wide flower pot for the hide box.