Are Rottweilers Good With Kids?

Rottweilers are great with kids when trained from an early age in a safe and well-disciplined home. Children in the home must be taught how to behave around dogs as an extra precaution. Supervise children to prevent the strong nature of the breed from taking over during playtime.

The Rottweiler breed has gained a reputation for being aggressive due to its bulky size, popularity as a guard dog and irresponsible owners who discipline too lightly or too aggressively. To prevent the likelihood of an accident occurring, do not consider a fully mature Rottweiler with an uncertain or poor ownership history for adoption. Success is most obtainable when families are paired with puppies from responsible breeders or well-trained adult dogs.

Children must be taught how to approach and when to approach the dog. Ear and tail pulling, chasing and excessive noises must be stopped early on, and the dog must never be approached while it is preoccupied with food or slumber. As far as the dog is concerned, he must be taught how to play without nipping by having children toss him treats in a gentle manner. The dog must also have a quiet place to retreat to when it feels overwhelmed.