How Do You Get Rid of Worms in Cats?

How Do You Get Rid of Worms in Cats?

To get rid of worms in cats, a person will first need to bring the cat in to the veterinary office to obtain a diagnosis by the veterinary professional, administer treatment and take preventative measures against the possibility of more worms. Cats with parasitic worms can cause problems for humans, as the disease can transfer from the cat to its human owners.

  1. Bring the cat to a veterinarian's office
  2. Worms are not a problem that can be treated at home. Owners whose cats have worms or are suspected of having worms should be brought to a veterinarian's office. A cat with worms will often have symptoms of weight loss, coughing, constipation, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, bloody stool, trouble breathing and possibly worms that can be seen in the stool, according to the ASPCA.

  3. Obtain a diagnosis by a veterinary professional
  4. The veterinarian will first examine the cat and then check the cat's anal area or run a stool sample. Then the diagnosis will be given based on the results.

  5. Administer the treatment
  6. The veterinarian will give the appropriate treatment for the cat depending on the worm type. The medication might be a shot inside the office or might consist of an oral deworming agent.

  7. Take preventative measures
  8. Once the cat has begun its worm treatment, consider ways to avoid the worm problem in the future. One solution is to keep the cat inside so that it is not exposed to environmental instigators. Also keep the cat's area free of fleas and clean the cat's litter box on a consistent basis.