How Do You Get Rid of Valley Fever in Dogs?

How Do You Get Rid of Valley Fever in Dogs?

Visit a veterinarian to obtain the necessary antifungal medications to treat Valley Fever in dogs. Typically, the dog must take the medication for at least six months to one year. Some dogs must receive supportive therapies to treat the symptoms of Valley Fever.

  1. Visit a veteranerian for medication

    A veteranerian can provide antifungal medications and suggest supportive therapies for the animal. Dogs with serious fungal infections, such as infections of the spinal cord, may require lifelong treatment. Some medications are administered along with other medications or supplements to increase the effectiveness of the antifungal drugs. For instance, vitamin C is often given to dogs taking Ketoconazole to promote absorption of the drug.

  2. Provide supportive care

    Dogs that are diagnosed with Valley Fever may receive treatments or medications that help alleviate the symptoms of the infection. Pain medications, nutritional supplements and intravenous fluids are some of the possible types of supportive care available to animals with Valley Fever.

  3. Monitor the dog

    Antifungal drugs may cause side effects, such as poor appetite, in dogs. Dogs undergoing long-term treatment with antifungal drugs should be monitored by a veterinarian throughout the treatment regimen. A veteranerian can provide information on how to treat and manage any side effects.