How Do You Get Rid of Ticks?

How Do You Get Rid of Ticks?

To get rid of ticks, clean the property thoroughly and install barriers to deter ticks and their carriers. Serious infestations are treated with pesticides. Eliminating ticks may require several weeks, depending on the methods and procedures used to eliminate them.

  1. Clean the property

    Mow tall grass, and rake the property to remove fallen leaves and other debris that attract ticks. Store firewood in a dry area away from outdoor living spaces. Store compost piles and garbage in lidded containers away from the home to deter the pests that are likely to carry ticks.

  2. Create barriers

    If your lawn borders a wooded area, create a barrier by placing gravel or wood mulch between the wooded area and your lawn. The gravel or mulch barrier should be at least 3 feet wide. In areas where larger animals, such as deer, are present, construct a fence to prevent the animals from carrying ticks onto the property.

  3. Apply pesticide

    Apply a pesticide that is designed for use in areas near the home. Use the pesticide according to the directions on the product packaging. Limit the use of pesticides on lawns to once per year, and treat the edge of wooded areas to reduce tick numbers on the property.