How to Get Rid of Sparrows?

To eliminate sparrows, eliminate any possible food and water sources that attract the birds, and then exclude the birds from their preferred nesting areas. Exclusion techniques should be used only when eggs or young birds are not in the nest. Bird repellents can also be used to encourage the birds to move.

  1. Remove food and water sources

    Remove any food and water sources that may attract the birds, and place lids on garbage bins. If possible, remove bird feeders until after the sparrows have moved their nests. Bird-proof fencing can be used to keep sparrows out of gardens and other areas where food is readily available.

  2. Make nesting areas inaccessible

    Identify the areas where the birds are nesting, and check the nest for young birds and eggs. If the nest is empty, remove the nest and close the area off with bird netting. Place the nest in a bucket or another container to provide an alternate nesting area.

  3. Install bird repellents

    Bird repellents can include bird strips, sprays and false predators. False predators, such as plastic owls, can be installed in the general area, while sprays and bird strips are typically placed directly onto the area where the birds land and nest.