How do you get rid of roaches for good?


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To get rid of cockroaches, clean the home thoroughly, and use sticky boards to identify the insect's nesting sites. Then use cockroach baits, boric acid and diatomaceous earth to kill the insects. Most cockroach infestations require treatment for several months before the insects are completely eradicated.

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  1. Clean the area thorougly

    Store all non-perishable foods, such as flour, sugar and pasta, in airtight containers, and clean the home frequently to remove crumbs. Wash dishes after each meal, and use a garbage bin with a tight-fitting lid.

  2. Identify the infested area, and place roach bait

    To determine which areas in the home are infested, place sticky traps in corners, around baseboards and in cabinets throughout the home. Place cockroach bait in the areas where the insects are captured on the sticky boards.

  3. Apply insecticides

    Boric acid or diatomaceous earth can be used with bait systems to eliminate cockroaches. Apply a thin layer of the chosen insecticide in all cracks and crevices in the home, including around baseboards, inside drawers, under furnishings, and around ceiling light fixtures. Do not allow children or pets to come into contact with the powder, and avoid using insecticides in areas where foods are prepared or stored. Replace the powder after vacuuming or as needed.

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