How Do You Get Rid of Lizards?


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The most effective way to get rid of lizards in your home or yard is to completely cut them off from their food supply. Keep your home and yard neat and clean, and spray pesticides to kill the insects that lizards eat. If that fails, you may have to use glue traps to catch small reptiles.

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  1. Clean and seal your home

    Throw out your garbage, compost and recycling, as these attract flies and other insects that lizards eat. Wash dirty dishes and clean counters and sinks. Ensure that all of your food is properly sealed. You can also spray a wide-spectrum pesticide inside your home to kill insects. Finally, make it difficult for lizards to get into your home by sealing cracks or holes under doors, in walls and in window screens.

  2. Maintain your yard and spray pesticides

    Make sure that your yard is mowed and there isn't any trash or food on it. Clean out fallen branches and excess foliage, as these are prime nesting areas for lizards. Spray pesticides around your yard to kill insects, especially around moist areas or ponds.

  3. Use glue traps to catch lizards

    If you still notice lizards around your home after taking all of these steps, purchase some glue traps to set around your home. These traps lure lizards to their sticky surfaces and catch them. Check the traps daily and replace them if they are no longer sticky.

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