How Do You Get Rid of Lawn Moles?


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Moles are pests that tunnel under the earth in their quest for food, feeding on insects, grubs and earthworms. Although there are many ways to get rid of lawn moles, kill traps are the most efficient. Repellents tend not to work as well, and using insecticides to rid the soil of the insects moles feed on can be harmful to the soil and to the plants.

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How Do You Get Rid of Lawn Moles?
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  1. Purchase mole traps

    Mole traps are available in a couple of varieties, such as above-ground traps and below-ground traps. Make sure the trap is specifically for moles.

  2. Select the best time to set the traps

    Place the traps during times of the year that are the most effective. Spring and fall are the best times because moles thrive in moist soil and are most active.

  3. Set the traps

    Follow the instructions on the mole traps to set them up. You need to check below-the-ground or tunnel traps regularly, moving them daily until the mole gets caught. Put a bucket or box over the trap to keep any other animals from messing with it. Moles typically live alone and only to the lifespan of 3 years, so your mole problem may resolve itself if the traps don't work.

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