How Do You Rid Your Lawn of Moles?

To effectively rid a yard of moles, identify the mole tunnels, and then set mole-specific traps on the primary tunnels. Remove the mole, or dispose of its carcass.

  1. Identify primary mole tunnels

    Look for the mole travel routes. These can be found on straightaways in your yard, next to a building or sidewalk. The ground feels spongy and damaged by these tunnels. There may be large mounds of dirt in the yard. Confirm that these are the primary tunnels by squishing down a few portions of the tunnel to see if they get pushed back open.

  2. Set the mole trap

    Set the trap at the entrance of the tunnel. Lethal traps include the barrel trap and the scissor trap. To ensure the trap works successfully, make sure there is no impediment to prevent the trap from closing around the mole. Widen the tunnel's sides around the trap, and make sure there are no stones in the way of the trap.

  3. Remove the mole, or dispose of its carcass

    It is advisable to wear gloves to avoid skin contact with moles since they can carry parasites. Double-bag the carcass before disposal. If the mole is still alive, be extremely careful. Moles have strong claws that can cause injury, so it is best to avoid contact.