How do you get rid of ladybugs?


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Get rid of ladybugs by sweeping or vacuuming them up, applying soap or diatomite to infested areas and sealing cracks and entry points into the home. Typically, ladybugs require removal during the spring and fall when they are most active.

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  1. Remove the ladybugs

    Sweep ladybugs on the floor into a dustpan, and toss them outside. Use a vacuum cleaner hose attachment to remove ladybugs on the walls, ceilings and other hard-to-reach places, and then empty the vacuum bag outside. Ladybugs secrete a yellow fluid if threatened, so remove them quickly to prevent stains.

  2. Apply soap or diatomite

    To prevent ladybugs from reproducing, spray them with soapy water. Sprinkle diatomite, an insecticide powder, on the cracks of doors and windows to kill ladybugs that try to enter. Vacuum or sweep the dead shells of ladybugs, and throw them away. Change the vacuum bag in case of stray ladybugs.

  3. Use duct tape to pick up the ladybugs

    To remove stubborn ladybugs, wrap duct tape around your finger to pick them up. This method prevents them from biting or flying away.

  4. Seal off entry points

    Keep ladybugs from entering your home by sealing cracks in the walls and caulking the gaps around your doors and windows.

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