How Do You Get Rid of Honey Bees?


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To get rid of bees, determine whether the hive can be relocated or if it must be treated with pesticides. Treating hives with pesticides requires cleaning the area thoroughly after the bees are eliminated. Removing a hive can take several hours to several weeks.

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  1. Locate the hive

    Identify the specific location of the hive by observing bees flying around the home. If the hive is in an easily accessible location, the bees can be removed and rehomed. Some beekeepers can remove the hive inexpensively, although it may be necessary to open an exterior wall to rehome the bees.

  2. Apply pesticides

    Pesticides that are specifically designed for bees can be used if the hive cannot be relocated. If the hive is inside an exterior wall, drill small holes in the wall, and inject the pesticide into the holes. Allow the pesticide to work for up to several weeks before cleaning the area.

  3. Clean the area

    It is necessary to completely remove the comb and dead bees after using pesticide. Wear protective gear, including a beekeeper's suit, and open the area where the hive is located. Place the comb in a heavy garbage bag, and use a garden hose attachment to clean the area with soapy water.

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