How Do You Get Rid of Grass Mites on a Dog?

Getting rid of grass or harvest mites on a dog can entail using a pyrethrin dip, topical medications or steroid drugs, according to Pet Education. However, a veterinarian should examine the dog to prescribe the proper treatment, which may involve using the pyrethrin-based dip twice over a 2-week period.

When harvest mites bite or cause an infestation, the symptoms can be small bumps around affected body areas, such as the head, legs and abdomen. The dog may scratch due to the bites being itchy. If the harvest mites infest a localized area, such as the head or ears, the treatment can entail using a topical medication for these parasites, states Pet Education. For severe itching issues, a possible treatment is to use steroids, which can be either a topical or an injection. The treatment can last a few days until the symptom is relieved.

Grass mites, which are also known as harvest mites or chiggers, tend to multiply quickly during spring and are mainly found in soil or grass.