How Do You Get Rid of Frogs?

To get rid of frogs, remove all available water sources on the property, reduce damp vegetation, such as thick underbrush, and place frog traps made with PVC pipe in the affected areas. It is illegal to disturb endangered frog species that are legally protected.

  1. Determine the frog species

    Before attempting to control frog populations, it is necessary to determine the frog species to ensure it is not endangered or protected by law. Do not disturb any species of frog that is protected by law.

  2. Trap the frogs

    Frogs are typically attracted to cool, damp areas where water is readily available. To assist in eliminating frogs on the property, remove water sources, mow frequently and keep underbrush well-maintained to reduce the available shelters on the property.

  3. Trap the frogs

    To trap the frogs, place 3-foot sections of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe vertically in the ground, and check the PVC pipes for frogs every morning. If frogs are present in the pipe, pull the pipe out of the ground, shake the frogs into a bucket, and relocate or humanely euthanize the frogs according to local regulations. Wear gloves when handling frogs, as some species can cause illness or irritation when handled directly.