How do you get rid of feral cats?


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To get rid of feral cats, you can either call animal control and have them handle the situation, or trap the animals. If you decide to trap them, the cats can be taken to a shelter, euthanized by your veterinarian, or rehabilitated.

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  1. Find the feral cats

    Feral cats often live in colonies, and they can be very hard to catch. If you're dealing with cats on someone else's property, get permission from the property owners before trapping them.

  2. Purchase a box trap

    Use a humane trap if you intend on capturing the cats. Wear thick gloves to avoid being bitten or scratched. Place the trap somewhere the cats roam, and use wet food as bait.

  3. Transport the cats

    Put a cover over the trap before carrying it, as this helps calm an anxious cat. Transport any cats you catch to your veterinarian. If you intend on trying to rehabilitate the cat yourself, have it spayed or neutered, vaccinate the cat, and have it checked for diseases. If this is not possible, it may be better to have the cat euthanized, as most feral cats die from diseases, wild animal attacks or injuries.

  4. Call animal control

    Call animal control if you know where feral cats have colonized and do not wish to trap them yourself.

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