How Do You Get Rid of Chipmunks Around a House and Garage?

The most efficient method for removing chipmunks, according to wildlife experts, is to trap and release them far from the property. Use animal repellent to keep them from returning to the house and garage.

To get rid of chipmunks near a house or garage, start by selecting the right trap. Traps rated for rats, which are roughly 5-inch by 5-inch by 14 inches, are usually the right size for chipmunks.

Place the traps in shaded areas frequented by the chipmunks. Bait each trap with nut paste and seeds, placing the bait well in the back of the trap. Place the nut paste on the trip pan, and cover it with grass, spreading more grass clippings around the bottom of each trap to mask it.

Check the trap every day. Once a chipmunk has been trapped, take it to a field far away from the property and release it. Repeat the trapping until the chipmunks are gone.

Commercial squirrel repellents also work to repel chipmunks. Place these around the perimeter of the property to ensure the chipmunks do not return. Moth balls also work, but they are bad for the environment. Daffodils also deter chipmunks. To prevent chipmunks from burrowing under a fence, install an L-shaped footer around the perimeter.