How Do You Rid Cats of Matted Fur?


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Remove mats from a cat's fur by picking apart small mats with fingers or a metal comb, or by using an oil-based detangling spray and separating the mat with short, fast strokes. Hold the mat next to the skin to minimize pulling. Never cut out a mat because mats occur close to the cat's delicate skin, and the skin could be cut in the process, requiring stitches.

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A cat with long fur mats easier than a cat with short fur and require daily brushing for prevention. Matting prevents moisture and oxygen from reaching cats' skin. Mats also put pressure on the skin, which may be painful for the cat and weakens the skin. The most common locations for mats include between the legs, the chest, under the tail and where the collar rests on the neck because mats occur where something rubs the fur. A cat may also develop mats on its shoulders and hindquarters from lying down.

Removing mats may be painful for the cat. A cat with medium-sized mats larger than the tip of a person's thumb may need a professional groomer shave the mats off. A cat with large mats needs to see a veterinarian who can anesthetize the cat while removing painful mats.

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