How Do You Get Rid of Cat Dandruff?


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A cat can be dandruff-free with daily brushing and a diet high in healthy fat and oil. Healthy fats and oils can be found in certain cat foods. They should not come from fatty table scraps, such as bacon or chicken skin.

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Grooming on a daily basis keeps a cat's fur shiny, smooth and burr-free. Brushing also distributes the coat's natural oils, massages the skin and makes the cat feel good. The proper type of brush must be used. A brush that is too soft won't distribute oils evenly or detangle the cat's fur. A brush that is too stiff irritates the skin more than it massages.

Healthy fats and oils are needed in a cat's diet to keep its skin from itching and flaking. Don't turn to fatty table scraps as a supplement for fat and oil. There are brands of cat food on the market that make special formulas for cats with dry skin. The foods are high-quality and provide the right amount of fat and oil. Oil supplements, such as salmon oil, are good alternatives for cats that are happy on their current food but still suffer from dry skin. Oils can be placed directly on the cat's skin, and some can be poured directly on food.

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