How Do You Get Rid of Cat Dander?

How Do You Get Rid of Cat Dander?

The best way to reduce cat danger on your pet and in your home is to clean your pet thoroughly and frequently. This can be done by wiping it down with a wet rag or using commercial allergen-reducing wipes or shampoo.

  1. Keep your pet clean

    When it comes to pet allergies, the dander is only part of the story. Dander becomes allergenic when proteins found in saliva dry on the cat's fur after it cleans itself. These proteins are distributed through the air on the dander. Cleaning your pet often reduces the level of both allergenic proteins and the dander that spreads them.

  2. Use an allergen-reducing cleanser

    Use an allergen-reducing cleanser to help neutralize the proteins that lead to allergy symptoms. The cleanser comes as a wipe and in liquid form. Dampen your pet's coat down to the scalp with the solution, and allow it to dry. Repeat at least once a week.

  3. Keep your home clean

    It is also important to keep your home clean. Vacuum floors and furniture frequently to remove pet hair and dander.

  4. Use an air purifier

    Use an air-purifying machine to trap pet dander in the machine's filters to reduce the amount of dander circulating in the air.