How Do You Get Rid of Birds?

How Do You Get Rid of Birds?

To get rid of birds, scare them away using moving, noisy or flashy objects. Remove nuisance birds' nests and food sources to keep them from returning, and cover potential nesting areas with hardware cloth.

  1. Use scare tactics

    Tie shiny Mylar balloons to fence posts to scare birds away. Old CDs or plastic bags moved by the wind also deter birds. High-tech bird deterrents, such as fake owls, are available at hardware stores.

  2. Remove the birds' food sources

    Birds do not linger where there is no food, so remove any possible food sources of nuisance birds. For pigeons, make sure there are no food scraps available, and cover any compost bins. To attract native birds but avoid feeding nuisance birds, put only black oil sunflower seeds in bird feeders.

  3. Create barriers

    Cover any potential nesting sites on and around your house with hardware cloth. Inspect window ledges and gutters for areas where birds can hide, and make sure all attic vents are covered with wire or cloth to keep birds out of the house.

  4. Remove nests

    To keep birds from coming back, remove their nests. Make sure the nest belongs to a nuisance bird before destroying it if you want to continue to attract native birds.