How Do You Get Rid of Bats?

rid-bats Credit: Jack Milchanowski/age fotostock/Getty Images

Getting rid of a colony of bats from an attic or other structure involves observing where they are entering and exiting the structure, and then sealing those points to prevent return. If there are only a few bats in the structure, they can be removed by an animal control professional.

To remove a colony of bats, observe the structure at dusk and dawn to find the bats' exit and entry points. Seal small holes with caulk or another filler. Set one-way exclusion netting or devices over larger gaps so that the bats can leave but not return. Observe these points for three days to ensure that all the bats have left before removing the exclusion devices and sealing them. Clean up areas where the bats have left droppings or urine, while using personal protective equipment to avoid skin and airway contamination.

Check with local wildlife officials before trying to get rid of a bat colony, as different states and localities have varying rules for when bat colonies can be disturbed and may have specific requirements for handling these animals. Bat colonies should not be disturbed when the mothers are nursing their young to prevent the death of the young bats. Do not use chemical home remedies or poisons to remove bats.