Is the Rhinoceros Habitat Being Preserved?


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Rhinoceroses do exist within scattered wildlife sanctuaries throughout Africa and Asia, but they suffer from habitat loss outside of these legally protected areas. This is mostly due to human encroachment, such as logging and poaching.

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The several extant species of rhinoceros are hardy and adaptable animals, but habitat loss in both Africa and Asia has resulted in fragmented populations unable to breed with one another. Deforestation has destroyed much of their habitat in Asia, while logging operations, lack of food and poaching have pushed African species out of their original habitats and into agricultural areas.

Sanctuaries in South Africa, Sumatra and other countries attempt to preserve rhinoceros populations within areas protected by guards, but these sanctuaries do not and cannot preserve rhinoceros habitats across their original native range. Rhinoceros species once ranged throughout Africa, Asia and even Europe.

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