What Retailers Sell Pet Supplies?


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The two largest pet supply retail stores as of 2015 are PetSmart and Petco Animal Supplies. PetSmart owns 44.3 percent of the market share and Petco owns 20.7 percent of the market share. Together, they comprise almost two-thirds of the pet supplier retailers in the United States.

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PetSmart was established in 1987 and has over 1,200 stores staffed by nearly 50,000 retail associates. It is the foremost provider of pet supplies, including consumables (such as pet food, treats and litter), hard goods (including collars, leashes, health and beauty aids, shampoos, toys and kennels), and pets themselves. PetSmart also provides services such as boarding, grooming, obedience training and veterinary services.

Petco operates over 1,100 stores and offers similar goods and services for pets and their owners. However, unlike PetSmart, Petco does not directly sell cats and dogs to prospective owners. Instead, Petco uses an adoption program that partners potential new pet owners with local animal welfare organizations.

The rest of the industry is characterized by a large number of small and privately-owned pet stores. Pet Supplies Plus has a market share of 3.6 percent, Pet Supermarket Inc. has a market share of 1.6 percent, and Pet Food Express has a market share of 1 percent. All other competitors are under 1 percent market share. Like Petco, these smaller companies sell pet-related goods and services, but do not sell pets themselves.

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