What Are Some Resources for Finding Free Maine Coon Kittens for Adoption?

Maine Coon cats are available for adoption at MaineCoonRescue.net and MaineCoonAdoptions.com. MaineCoonRescue.net is a nationwide network run by volunteers who rescue abandoned and homeless Maine Coon cats. The site hosts a user search for available cats by state with a photo gallery, description and location.

Cats come with pedigree documentation that lists their parentage. Cats that do not have documentation are listed as Maine Coon mixes. Site visitors can access an adoption application where they must provide information about their current living environment, personal references, and previously and currently owned pets. Adoption fees vary with the age of the cat and its pedigree status. Fees range from $150 for a senior cat 10 years or older, to $400 for a Maine Coon kitten with papers, as of 2015.

MaineCoonAdoptions.com is a California-based no-kill organization that rescues Maine Coons from the streets and kill shelters. This group places kittens or cats that have been abandoned, abused or surrendered into carefully screened adoptive homes. Maine Coon Adoptions has rescued nearly 2,000 cats and kittens since it began in 2003.

Site visitors to MaineCoonAdoptions.com can access a photo gallery of available kittens and cats as well as a list of upcoming adoption fairs in which they can meet the cats in person. Each cat listed has a comprehensive description that includes information about temperament, house training, exercise and fencing requirements, and likes and dislikes.