Is a rescued African Grey Parrot a good pet?


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Although one of the world's most popular pet birds and considered a good pet, African Grey Parrots take a lot of effort to keep happy. Because rescue pets come from any situation, this can affect any specific rescue pet's temperament. They do not do well with younger children.

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These birds are thought to be nervous and attached to one person, but these tendencies can be curbed with the right training. Giving a bird positive reinforcement can keep it from becoming too high-strung, and socializing it with other humans helps to keep it from becoming hostile towards anyone but its owner. Because they are so intelligent, African Grey Parrots can get bored very easily, which is why some turn to plucking their own feathers. Keeping a tight and busy routine for the parrot might help to stop this behavior, but it might also be a sign of some other medical condition. If it persists, the bird should be taken to a veterinarian.

African Grey Parrots have been popular pets for thousands of years due to their ability to mimic human speech with much the same voice as their own -- a distinction between them and other parrots. They have also been known to pick up sounds such as running water and any beeping noise, such as an answering machine or microwave.

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