What Are Some Facts About Rescue Teacup Dogs?


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Rescue teacup dogs may be more vulnerable to illness or injury than other rescue dogs due to their small size and tendency toward hypoglycemia. A teacup dog is not a breed but is defined as any dog that weighs 4 pounds or less when fully grown.

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In general, it is a good idea to take a new rescue dog to the vet soon after adoption to ensure that it has no underlying health problems. This is especially true with teacup dogs. Teacup dogs are often susceptible to illnesses because their immune systems are not fully formed in the first few months of life. Because teacup is only a size classification, particular health concerns vary depending on the breed of a teacup dog. Most breeds of teacup dogs need to be fed every few hours because their small stomach capacity does not allow them to eat sufficient daily nutrients in one meal.

Teacup dogs are vulnerable to environmental dangers and predator attacks and are therefore well-suited to an indoor lifestyle. This type of rescue dog is a good choice for owners who live in apartments or have reduced mobility. Indoors, teacup dogs are still at risk of injury resulting from falls or rough handling. A teacup rescue dog is generally a poor choice for families with young children or other, larger pets.

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