What Are Some Rescue Shelters That Specialize in Sphynx Cats?


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Sphynx Open Arms Rescue, Bald and Bully and Rescue Me! Sphynx Rescue are rescue shelters that specialize in sphynx cats. Cornish Rex Friends and Purebred Cat Rescue offer rescue services for sphynx cats, and sites such as SphynxLair list adoption requests for sphynx cats.

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These sphynx rescue organizations offer a full range of care and adoption services. They adopt sphynx cats to suitable homes. They also provide food, shelter and medical care to homeless sphynxes. The rescues accept relinquished cats from owners who can no longer keep the animals. The organizations accept substandard kittens from breeders, and they also accept abandoned sphynxes from animal shelters.

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