What Are Some Rescue Organizations Offering Free Friesian Horses?


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Rescue organizations for Friesian horses typically ask potential adopters for an adoption fee or monetary donation to help cover the costs incurred while the horse was in their care, instead of giving them away for free. Neither the Fenway Foundation for Friesian Horse Rescue nor the Midwest Horse Welfare Foundation, Inc., specify the amount of their adoption fee, but Adopt a Pet's website suggests that donations fall anywhere between $600 to $1500, as of 2016.

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The Fenway Foundation Friesian Horse Rescue takes in Friesian horses from cruelty cases, abandonment cases or ones whose owners have succumbed to economic hardship. No matter the horse's condition, they aim to rehabilitate it and find it a safe, loving home. The horses receive any necessary veterinary care, and the proceeds garnered from their adoption are reinvested into the rescue center in order to help other horses in need.

To adopt from the Fenway Foundation Friesian Horse Rescue, it is necessary to complete an adoption application. The application includes two personal references and one veterinary reference, as well as photos of the property where the adopted horse is to be boarded, including shelter, pastures and fencing. Additionally, potential adopters are asked to sign a care agreement form stating that, at a minimum, yearly veterinary care must be provided, and that the adopter is responsible for the cost of all medical care once the horse is in their possession. Adopters must also agree to contact the rescue center if the horse is moved, is injured, dies or if non-emergent euthanasia is recommended by a veterinary professional.

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